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Block 99% of Harmful UV Rays


Reduce up to 86% of heat


Enhanced Privacy and Comfort

All Films Come With a Lifetime Warranty
Choose From 5 Different Shades @ No Additional Charge
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Experience The Benefits Of Window Tint

-Block 99% of Harmful UV Rays
-Reduce Heat and Distracting Glare
-Protect Interior Cracking and Fading
-Added Privacy and Security
-Enhance Style And Appearance
-Shattered Glass Protection

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When it comes to window film installations, The Tint Shoppe in Sparks, Nevada is a company you can trust to do a superb job. While also providing excellent customer service. My window tinting services are available for the following:


Protects your skin as well as your vehicle


Add privacy and security to your office.


Add a level of comfort to your home!

At The Tint Shoppe, we have a firm belief that our customers come first. We’ve maintained an extremely successful auto tinting shop here in the Reno area for a full year with service that has been met with rave reviews. There are a variety of reasons why we firmly believe we are the premier window tinting company in Sparks & Reno. Our dedication to the vehicles of our customers is largely no different than the dedication we have to our own cars. The desired outcome we have for each client is for their tint to be the highest quality they’ve ever had on any of their cars and we want to get it done in a timely fashion. We don’t enjoy when our cars are at the shop for days on end and we know you don’t either!

Our tinting strategy is unique but not necessarily unusual. We have a style and method that separates us from the competitors but mainly, what separates us, is the care that we have for each car that comes into our garage. Cody, the owner of The Tint Shoppe, has many clients with foreign, expensive vehicles whom trust him with their $100,000 cars. There’s no reason you shouldn’t trust Cody with your daily driver if his customers who routinely bring in their Panamera’s, Range Rovers and M3’s trust him with those.

The Tint Shoppe has a few incredibly important goals in mind when a new car comes waltzing into our garage. The goal is to help that vehicle not only look better, cooler and more sleek but also give it the ever-important sun and UV ray protection that can devastate the interior of cars here in Northern Nevada. We also understand fully that a lot of individuals have a desire to drive in absolute privacy when they’re on the road which leads to their desire to get their car windows tinted.

All in all, we believe that Sparks and Reno are now home to the top window tinting company here in the great state of Nevada – a company that has goals, desires and passions far beyond just tinting your windows. We want you to feel like your car is given celebrity treatment as it enters our garage. We want you to feel like our customer service abilities are rare, honorable and second to none. We want you to feel good about inviting your friends to come check us out and we want you to bring in your 2nd vehicle and your 3rd too.

We are The Tint Shoppe – Sparks, Nevada’s top window tinting company and Reno, NV’s best window tint business. Please call us today for more info!


Why Choose The Tint Shoppe?
The Tint Shoppe Window Tinting offers Automotive, commercial and residential Window Tint.

All window tint installations come with a lifetime warranty.

I offer a variety of different high-quality films and shade choices. I carry clear window tint (86%) all the way down to dark limo tint (5%). Ask about my high heat rejecting ceramic film.

All films block 99% of harmful UV rays. The best window tint installation and customer service in the area.

I also offer residential and commercial window tint. Ceramic window tint is also available for the residential and commercial side. Lifetime warranty on every automotive window tint installation.

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Client Testimonials
Cody did an excellent job on my car! He got me in and out of there in a timely manner. It feels much cooler and when the sun shines through the glare is barely noticeable. He did a quality job and he is also very professional. Highly recommend!

An extra star for Bella for keeping my daughter company! Kate T.

Cody did a killer job on my 2019 Hyundai Kona! Called on Monday (after I picked it up) and he was able to get me in on Tuesday! Quality work and super quick! Thanks again! Michael J.

The best! Cody did such an awesome job on my car. I am literally so pleased. It came out exactly how I wanted it. & it was super fast! I would definitely recommend him to anyone. One of the best tint shops I’ve been too! Thanks again Cody! Megan M.

WOW!!! Took my new pickup to Cody for tint and it looks amazing!! I priced around and The Tint Shoppe was real close to everyone else in town but what really sold me was that he took the time to give me the information on the product and workmanship quality. I’m really happy I took my truck to The Tint Shoppe! Rob S.

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